Is Climate Change Real?

C(Lie)mate Video Series

READ THIS PARAGRAPH BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEOS. This page is dedicated to VERY REAL climate change, and seeks to drive focus towards this issue IN SPITE OF┬árecent admissions from the AGW crowd that global warming predictions have failed for more than 20 years. This author advocates for regulation against polluters for 1000 different reasons, but misguided focus thus far has caused the failure and must be resolved. If you love this planet, don’t want the IPCC’s horrendous failure to skew attention from the climate issue, and don’t care AT ALL for oil companies – I hereby challenge your intelligence to understand how they could have failed so miserably:

The Climate Problem

Why Global Warming Projections Failed

What sort of Bullying was I talking about? Read Lennart’s Heartbreaking Resignation, Fearing For His Safety.

20 Years of Global Temperatures

Scientific Integrity vs Political Propaganda

Introduction to C(lie)mate Extremes

C(lie)mate #4 – Earth’s Electric Layers are Changing (#1-3 are well-summarized in the longer speech, but are still available on YouTube)

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