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The Mobile Observatory Project,,, Observing the Frontier,, and are creations of KAHB LLC, a company created and owned by Ben Davidson. KAHB is a combination of the first letters of the first names of my family, but now the company operates under the name Space Weather News, LLC

My family comes first. Everything I do is for my wife Katherine, my daughter Kira and our two puppies.

BEN DAVIDSON Abbreviated CV:


Juris Doctorate – Capital University Law School 2011 – Summer Clerkship, Justice Pfeiffer, The Supreme Court of Ohio

BA Economics – Denison University 2006-2008
-Golf Team, 2007 All-Conference Team

Econ/Meteorology – Penn State University (Schreyers’ Honors) 2003-2005
-Intramural Golf Champion 2004


Observing the Frontier, Conference – Founder/Director 2015 – Current – Founder/Director – 2015-Current

The Mobile Observatory Project – Founder/Director May 2014 – Current

SUSPICIOUS0BSERVERS.ORG – Founder/Director July 2013 – Current

SUSPICIOUS0BSERVERS YouTube Channel – Founder and CS0 May 2011 – Current

Venture Capital Due Diligence: May 2010 – February 2014 Legal/Economic/Scientific diligence for multiple opportunities in mining, technology, and biomimetic chemistry. This effort was good training for the work I do now. [See ABOUT below]

E3 MEDIA – Co-Founder, Directed Columbus Office 2007 – 2010 I co-founded this company with my childhood best friend, and left when my priorities shifted to law school. When this website became reality, I obviously asked my friend to help, and his company name has been proudly placed at the bottom of this website from day 1. More about E3 can be found in the FAQ in the bottom of this page.


ABOUT Ben: Law school is an exercise in painstaking research into complex materials to find subtle and often confusing truths, and then combining and communicating your findings in a helpful way. I have worked professionally in the investment field, primarily in a due diligence capacity. I am now considered an independent researcher. Due diligence is an animal unlike any other – to fully understand a situation you need to understand the law, the numbers, and the science, while simultaneously making predictive analysis and judgments about often-conflicting data.

I often interject my opinions about the topics presented on the channel and on this site, and I attempt to clearly communicate when that is the case. Otherwise all that is said and shown is cited with a hyperlink or proper citation in the About tab of the videos or on this website. The information should not be taken at face value or as truth simply on my word; I am classified as human and therefore am not to be trusted, and that’s why I give you the ability to do your homework and come to your own conclusions.

My responses to that pitiful smear campaign: Here